• Strainer Lid Quick view

    Strainer Lid

    The all NEW CanCooker Strainer Lid is here!!! The CanCooker Strainer Lid is the perfect solution anytime you need to empty out the liquid while keeping all the contents in the CanCooker! It is Compatible with the CanCooker Original, Companion, and the...

  • Gravity Grill Carry Bag Quick view

    Gravity Grill Carry Bag

    It’s the ‘heavy duty’ storage solution for grilling on the go. The Gravity Grill Carry Bag conveniently stores the Gravity Combo™ or the individual Gravity Grill™ and Gravity Griddle™ products keeping them clean and...

  • Handle and Latch Covers Quick view

    Handle and Latch Covers

    Handle and Latch Covers Make cooking with your CanCooker even easier than before with these high temp silicone handle and latch covers. Designed to fit our Companion, JR, Original, or Bone Collector models, to help make it easy and safe to cook with...

  • CanCooker Portable Conversion Grill Quick view

    Portable Conversion Grill

    Easily Convert the Multi-Fuel or Portable Cooktop (sold separately) to a Grill! Simply add water/liquid to bottom tray for steaming and include your favorite flavor infusion. Add wood chips for an easy smoking infusion. Grill any of your favorite foods!...

  • CanCooker Rack Quick view

    CanCooker Rack

    The CanCooker Rack is a two-piece, stainless steel rack designed to fit in the bottom of the CanCooker Original, CanCooker Jr and the CanCooker Companion. The CanCooker Rack raises food off the bottom of the CanCooker to help prevent burning...

  • CanCooker Foldable Chicken Rack Quick view

    CanCooker Foldable Chicken Rack

      The CanCooker Foldable Chicken Rack is a stainless steel rack designed to fit in the bottom of the CanCooker Original, Ovens or Grills. Make amazing Beer Can Chicken.  The CanCooker Foldable Chicken Rack is dishwasher safe and...