Back to School Promotion

Back to School Promotion

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Back to School Promotion!!

Buy a Companion and get our new Strainer Lid for FREE!!!!  A savings of $19.99!!

CanCooker Companion with NON STICK Coating

The smallest, lightest, most portable CanCooker available today. Featuring a durable one-piece design and riveted, heavy-duty handles the CanCooker Companion is built to last. Safety clamps hold the vented lid in place and the CanCooker Companion's food-safe, non-stick coating makes clean up a snap.

The CanCooker Companion cooks using steam for healthier, better tasting food in less than an hour.

1.5 gallon; feeds up to 6. Includes convenient storage bag and instructions.

Strainer Lid

The CanCooker Strainer Lid is the perfect solution anytime you need to empty out the liquid while keeping all the contents in the CanCooker!

It is Compatible with the CanCooker Original, Companion, and the Junior.

*Not recommended for use during the cooking process. Steam will not be contained in the CanCooker for proper heating/cooking.