Batter Bowl Bundle

Batter Bowl Bundle

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Save over $40 on the Batter Bowl Bundle! This bundle includes:

  • Crack-a-tizer 6-Pack

    • Is it time for a Par-Tee? Then bring the whole kit and kaboodle! The CRACK-A-TIZER gives you everything you could dream of! We know that making a decision is tough so let us make the decision for you. Don't struggle to pick one, get them all!
      • Original- "Great on almost any food. One of our favorites!"
      • Chili & Lime- "Spicy with a hint of lime. Where’s my Margarita?"
      • Fire Cracker- "This one has a little kick, an explosion of flavor!"
      • Garlic & Parmesan- "Yum! It’s a cheesy little slice of heaven."
      • Dill Pickle- "If you like pickles - what are you waiting for?"
      • Cinnamon Toast- "Sweet! Pair it with Chili or have it for breakfast."

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