This kit includes:

CanCooker Batter Bowl

CanCooker Original Collapsible Batter Bowl

  • Ideal for evenly applying batter to fish, pork, chicken, seafood, vegetables and other crowd favorites!
    • Collapses down to half its size
    • Dishwasher & microwave safe
    • BPA Free food grade materials
    • Transparent sides make it easy to ensure even application

Pour batter or breading of your choice into the expanded bottom section and add in the food you would like to evenly coat. Secure the middle sifting section to the bottom section and then secure expanded top section so that all three pieces are snug. Shake until food appears to be evenly coated. Flip upside down and unused batter or breading will sift through to the bottom. Remove food, cook, and enjoy!

Cleaning & Storage
After each use discard remaining unused batter / breading. Then hand wash with hot soapy water or place in the TOP shelf of dishwasher to clean. When dry collapse and store.

US Patent No. 7,678,271

SKU: 602573551028

plank cutting board
Medium Plank Cutting Board
  • The Plank Foldable Cutting Board:
    Lightweight, yet durable , Portable, multi-use , Non-breakable, Easy to store, No-Pinch hinge fold, Odor and stain-resistant, Easy to clean
  • Medium 9″x19″
jerky shooter

EZ Jerky Shooter

  • The EZ Jerky Shooter, the best Jerky Shooter on the market! Getting started is EZ! You’ll be able to make delicious jerky and snack sticks from lean, ground meat. Making your own jerky is a great tasting alternative to the commercially available jerky today that is filled with additives and preservatives. We recommend using meat that is as lean such as 90-95%. Beef, buffalo, elk, deer, chicken, turkey and many other types of ground meat all make for great tasting jerky. With proper care, EZ Jerky Shooter will give you years of dependable service.UPC: 602573551097