We made the shrimp corn and potato and it was great!! We made some of the best chicken corn soup yesterday in it too. Thanks. - Bill L.

I think its great.  I used it the other day it could not be better. thanks for a great product. - Gary L.

So far I have made corned beef and then short ribs that I steamed over beer. Both were fabulous. - Milton W.

My wife and I bought 1 of the original Can Cooker's, and 2 of the Jr's. Awesome, totally awesome. Easy to use and easy to clean. I haven't followed a recipe to the letter yet, and everything comes out great anyway. Great product, and simply foolproof to use. Thanks! - Bob A.

My son purchased my CanCooker for me because he loves his so much.  Now, I am hooked also.  First meal was really good and just winged it with a chuck roast, potatoes, onions, celery, thyme, a little roasted garlic granules, some beef stock in the bottom and walla!  Dinner was great, hubby was happy and the left overs were fabulous.  - Wilma M.

Thank you!! We have made two meals so far (not from the book) and they came out great!!! We have used a pressure cooker many years ago but this is so much easier and you can do everything at once. Of course the pressure cooker is still good for canning certain things. (which we haven't done in years). We are considering buying the smaller one (for who knows what!! LOL) - Rose and Al S.

Just wanted to say thanks so much for offering this cooker to us prepper folks. We have purchased the 4 gallon and also 2 Can Cooker Jrs. We have cooked several meals in the 4 gallon and we were 20 kinds of impressed. The veggies kept their flavor and the meat fell apart. It only took 1 hour. I used the Can Cooker Jr. (2 Gallon) and cooked up a pork loin with all the fixins. The steam convection made cooking time minimum. Again thanks for making a product that does so much with so little energy and making it affordable to anyone.  - John B.

We have tried 2 so far. Italian chicken and sausage with potatoes and cabbage. Loved them both. Looking forward to enjoying more. Thanks for great product. - Perry J.

We did the Crab Bake recipe (corn, potatoes, sausage, shrimp and crab legs) and I can Honestly say that we have  NEVER been to a “sea food” restaurant that tasted any better! Directions were simple and easy to follow…..Thanks, Kenneth A.