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CanCooker Testimonials


Ryan W.

We got our CanCooker Companion for Christmas and have been busy cooking ever sense!  We love the Buffalo Chicken recipe!  


Don S.

We have ours for a number of years now......use it camping and at home.....awesome to have and better than an instant pot



I cook all the time own everything from iron skillets to charcoal smokers to a pizza oven, and with out a doubt use the Cancooker the most! Petty much what ever you can dream up to put in it and in 1/2 to 1hr its done. If you have a heat source you can cook, pack it the night before take it on the boat or in the woods on a campfire. This might be the best thing ever invented. I buy them for Christmas present all the time now.



This has improved my life. It seriously only takes an hour to prep and serve. It’s easy to clean up and the meals taste just like grandma’s. Buy this. You won’t regret it !!


Jane E.

We purchased our CanCooker for our planned cross country trip. After driving between 10 to 12 hours a day in our motorhome we really didnt qant to spend alot of time making our dinners. The CanCooker made it so easy. While we were traveling to our next stop, my wife would get the meals prepped and have them in the cooker. When we pulled into our next stop, we would fire up the cooker while we were setting up the motor home. By the time we got set up, our meals were ready. But best of all they were delicious. The cook book and spices we ordered made making great meals. We love it and use the Can Cooker on all of our trips. Thank you CanCooker. We love it.



Very pleased with my CanCooker Jr. Used it to make a pork loin with red potatoes and shredded red cabbage and onion. Turned out perfect.



The convenience of one pot meals , minimal cleanup and a delicious meal!



Awesome product food don't stick quick and easy to use!  We love to use our CanCooker as much as we can.


Mike S.

Crab legs were wonderful!  Quick and easy to make and to clean!  We love our CanCooker and plan to make plenty more meals with it!


Jared S.

We absolutely love our CanCooker and would buy it again.   We recommended to to all friends and FAMILY



Every time I use my Cancooker I know the food is going to be amazing... It is easy to prepare and easy clean up...