Accessories & Seasonings

  • Strainer Lid Quick view

    Strainer Lid

    The all NEW CanCooker Strainer Lid is here!!! The CanCooker Strainer Lid is the perfect solution anytime you need to empty out the liquid while keeping all the contents in the CanCooker! It is Compatible with the CanCooker Original, Companion, and the...

  • CanCooker Rack Quick view

    CanCooker Rack

    The CanCooker Rack is a two-piece, stainless steel rack designed to fit in the bottom of the CanCooker Original, CanCooker Jr and the CanCooker Companion. The CanCooker Rack raises food off the bottom of the CanCooker to help prevent burning...

  • Multi-Fuel Cooktop Quick view

    Multi-Fuel Cooktop

      Seth McGinn's Multi-Fuel Portable Cooktop provides ultra-quiet operation in a compact design.  It's perfect for any outdoors use including camping, hunting, fishing, and tailgating -- and makes a great compliment to your backyard grill...

  • CanCooker Cookbook Quick view

    CanCooker Cookbook

     USE CODE COOK50 at Checkout The CanCooker Cookbook has over a 100 pages of mouth-watering, crowd-pleasing, kitchen-tested recipes for your CanCooker. It's all here in the brand new CanCooker Cookbook - everything from breakfast to dessert. Spiral...

  • Plank Cutting Board Quick view

    Plank Cutting Board

    The Plank Foldable Cutting Board:  Lightweight, yet durable  Portable, multi-use  Non-breakable Easy to store No-Pinch hinge fold  Odor and stain resistant  Easy to clean Made in the USA  3 size...

  • CanCooker Seasonings Quick view

    CanCooker Seasonings

    Add a dash of great flavor with these tasty spices. All natural spices with no MSG and gluten free. Multi-pack includes Original Seasoned Salt, Butter Garlic Salt, Onion Pepper Seasoning, All-Purpose Seasoning, and Original Creole Seasoning. Original...

  • CanCooker Foldable Chicken Rack Quick view

    CanCooker Foldable Chicken Rack

    New From CanCooker! The CanCooker Foldable Chicken Rack is a stainless steel rack designed to fit in the bottom of the CanCooker Original, Ovens or Grills. Make amazing Beer Can Chicken.  The CanCooker Foldable Chicken Rack is dishwasher...

  • Original Seasoned Salt Quick view

    Original Seasoned Salt

    Original Seasoned Salt Shake on meat, seafood, vegetables, soups, sauces, dressings, gravy, eggs, rice, pasta, dips, casseroles, breading and batter mixes! Just about anything you eat to give it a zest of bursting flavor. All natural spices...

  • Original Creole Seasoning Quick view

    Original Creole Seasoning

    Original Creole Seasoning Enhances the flavor of meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, eggs, soups, salads, fries and even barbecue. Makes a Great Marinade Use it while cooking or at the table. Gives your food a zesty spice without the heat and adds good...

  • All Purpose Seasoning Quick view

    All Purpose Seasoning

    All Purpose Seasoning Robust blend of course-ground salt and spices for great flavor with a shake on convenience. Shake on meat, chicken, fish ,game and vegetables before and after cooking. Season ground meat for Great burgers. Add to...