Appetite for Adventure Bundle

Adventurer Bundle includes: CanCooker Adventure, CanCooker Rack CanCooker Handle & Latch Covers, CanCooker All Purpose Seasoning

$132.75 $165.96

SKU: 204-1-1


Original CanCooker – 4 gallons & can feed up to 20, Includes a protective storage bag.
CanCooker cooks with steam, creating a natural convection that cooks food fast and keeps in all the flavors and nutrients. ‘Everything comes out tender, never dry!’
• Revolutionary one-piece shouldered design
• Riveted, heavy-duty handles
• Premium high temperature silicone gasket
• Safety clamps hold lid in place
• Works on any heat source – low to medium heat recommended
• Wide mouth design for easy access

CanCooker Rack – The perfect CanCooker accessory – keep your food above the liquid & steam Lobster, tamales, cake & more
• Two-piece, stainless steel rack
• Fits the Original, JR and Companion CanCooker
• Aids in clean up

All Purpose Seasoning

  • Robust blend of course-ground salt and spices for great flavor with a shake on convenience.
  • Shake on meat, chicken, fish, game and vegetables before and after cooking. Season ground meat for great burgers. Add to fries and potatoes. Use it while cooking or at the table.

Black Handle & Latch Covers

  • Make cooking with your CanCooker even easier than before with these high temp silicone handle and latch covers.
  • Designed to fit our Companion, Jr, and Original models, to help make it easy and safe to cook with your CanCooker.
  • This five-piece pack comes with two handle covers, one lid cover and two latch covers.

Note: these handle and latch covers are not intended for use over an open flame.

Always cook with low to medium heat to prevent damage of your CanCooker. Turkey burners are not recommended and will void warranty.