• CanCooker Signature Bundle Quick view

    CanCooker Signature Bundle

    The CanCooker Signature Bundle includes: CanCooker Signature Series Black Cherry or Midnight Blue - add some color to your kitchen! Make room in the kitchen for the new Signature Series CanCooker. A versatile cooking solution that not only...

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    CanCooker Starter Kit - Includes the CanCooker Companion, Portable Cooktop and Rack Quick view

    CanCooker Starter Kit

    Introducing the CanCooker Starter Kit. Limited packages are available! This kit includes: CanCooker Companion The smallest, lightest, most portable CanCooker available today. Featuring a durable one-piece design and riveted,...

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    Home Cookin Kit - Includes the CanCooker Signature Series, Companion, Strainer Lid, Season Sampler, Cookbook Volume 1, Cookbook Volume 2, Rack Quick view

    Home Cookin Kit

    Save over 50% on the limited Home Cookin Kit! This kit includes: CanCooker Signature Series - Black Cherry Featuring vibrant Black Cherry anodized coated design that is sure to spruce up any setting. Introducing our CeramaCan non-stick,...

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    Weekender Package - Includes the CanCooker Junior, Multi-Fuel Cooktop, CanCooker Rack and CanCooker Cookbook Quick view

    Weekender Package

    The Weekender Package includes: CanCooker Junior The CanCooker Jr., now with a non stick coating, is the little brother to the Original CanCooker. Where an Original CanCooker is designed to feed many, the CanCooker Jr. is designed for a family...

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    CanCooker Original with Rack

    The CanCooker Rack is a two-piece, stainless steel rack designed to fit in the bottom of the CanCooker. The CanCooker Rack raises food off the bottom of the CanCooker to help prevent burning and to make clean-up easier. The CanCooker Rack can...

    $55.00 $99.99