How big is the CanCooker?

The CanCooker is available in three different styles. The CanCooker Original is 14 inches tall and 10 inches in diameter. The Original will hold up to 4 gallons of food and feed between 18-20 people when it is filled.

The CanCooker Jr. has a non-stick coating and stands 7 inches tall and is 10 inches in diameter.  The CanCooker Jr. holds 2 gallons of food and it will feed between 8-10 people when it is filled.

The CanCooker Companion has a non-stick coating and stands 5 inches tall and is 10 inches in diameter.  The CanCooker Companion holds 1.5 gallons of food and it will feed between 4-6 people when it is filled.

Do I need to completely fill the CanCooker with food in order to use it?

You do NOT have to fill the CanCookers all the way with food – you can fill it ¾, ½, or ¼ full.  You will still need to add 12 ounces and no more than 36 oz. of liquid.

What is the CanCooker made of?

The CanCookers are made of 1060 grade aluminum. They are lined with a ceramic, anodized coating which is important as it means the actual aluminum never touches your food. Aluminum has the second best heat transfer next to copper and also makes the cans extremely lightweight and portable.

What type of heat source can I use?

The CanCookers can be used on any type of heat source.  The heat sources can be stove-top, grill, open fire and coals.  It is important to use a low to medium heat source. If using on an open flame we recommend you rub liquid dish soap or bar soap on the outside of the bottom and sides before placing on the fire.  The soot will stick to the soap and will aid in clean-up.

Can I use the CanCooker on a turkey burner?

We do not suggest using the CanCookers on a turkey fryer or fish burner. They are not an ideal heat source as it is hard to regulate the temperature. An ideal heat source is Seth McGinn’s Multi-Fuel Burner and Portable Cooktop.

Can I use the CanCooker on an induction stove?

The CanCookers will not work on an induction stove.

How do I use the CanCooker?

The CanCooker is easy and simple to use. Spray the inside of the 4 gallon CanCooker with non stick spray prior to using each time.  This will make a slick walled environment and make clean up a breeze. The CanCooker Junior and Companion have a non-stick coating so the spray is not necessary. Then add vegetables, meat and spices. Add at least 12 ounces and no more than 36 oz of any liquid over the food and place on a low to medium heat source.  It will take about 15 minutes for the CanCooker to steam.  Once the CanCooker begins to steam you will have a healthy and delicious meal in 45-60 minutes.

Is the CanCooker a steamer or a pressure cooker?

The CanCooker is a steamer and uses the basic principals as a convection oven. The CanCooker produces a deep penetrating steam that cooks food to perfection. There is a small hole in the lid so that it is passive and there is no pressure built up. You can open and close the lid at anytime.

How do I clean the CanCooker?

The CanCookers are easy to clean. You can wash them with soap and water or add an inch of water back to the can and bring to a steam. We do not recommend washing the CanCooker in a dishwasher.

Do I need to use the rack in my Cancooker?

The rack is an accessory for the CanCookers. The rack raises the food about a ½ inch off the bottom of the Can and will also aid in cleanup.

Do the spices contain MSG?

The CanCooker spices and seasonings are all natural with no MSG and are Gluten Free. The date on the package is the born on date. The spices have a shelf life of three years.

What BTU are the Portable Stoves?

The Seth McGinn’s Portable Cooktop uses 8oz. Butane canisters (not included). Butane is 8,000BTU.

The Seth McGinn’s Multi Fuel Cooktop uses 8oz. butane canisters and 16.4 oz propane canisters (not included). Butane is 8,000 BTU | Propane is 10,000 BTU.

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